NFL Week 7 Recap

Seahawks vs. Browns: 6-3 Browns

Seahawks Player of the Week: David Hawthorne- 11 tackles, sack, interception

Browns Player of the Week: Montario Hardesty- 95 rush yards, 27 receiving yards

The Browns managed to defeat the Seahawks even without running back Peyton Hillis. Although the Browns failed to reach the endzone, kicker Phil Dawson kicked two field goals to win them the game. The Seahawks played arguably their worst game of the season, racking up less than 150 yards of total offense.

Falcons vs. Lions: 23-16 Falcons

Falcons Player of the Week: Michael Turner- 122 rush yards

Lions Player of the Week: Calvin Johnson- 5 receptions, 115 yards, touchdown

After losing to the Falcons, the Lions have now lost two straight games at home. Are the Lions back to their usual ways? The Falcons have seemed to bounce back from some early losses in the season and are now 4-3.

Texans vs. Titans. 41-7 Texans

Texans Player of the Week: Arian Foster -115 rush yards, 119 receiving yards, 3 total touchdowns

Titans Player of the Week: Jared Cook- 2 receptions, 22 receiving yards, touchdown

Despite wide receiver Andre Johson out with a hamstring injury, the Texans demolished the Titans in Tennessee. Arian Foster broke out for this best game of the season, have over 225 all purpose yards and three touchdowns. With the win, the Texans are now the sole leaders of the AFC South.

Broncos vs. Dolphins: 18-15 (OT)

Broncos Player of the Week: Tim Tebow- 161 pass yards, 59 rush yards, 2 touchdowns, 91.7 passer rating

Dolphins Player of the Week: Cameron Wake- 4 tackles, 2 sacks, pass deflection

After the first three quarters, it looked the Miami might get its first win of the season. With just a few minutes left in the fourth quarter though, Tim Tebow got into a groove and led the Broncos to two touchdowns to tie up the game in two minutes. In overtime, after each team got one possession, the Broncos drove down the field and kicked a 51 yard game winning field goal.

Chargers vs. Jets: 27-21 Jets

Chargers Player of the Week: Antonio Gates- 5 receptions, 54 receiving yards, touchdown

Jets Player of the Week: Plaxico Burress- 4 receptions, 25 yards, 3 touchdowns

The Jets are back over .500 after defeating the Chargers at home. Shonne Green had a great for the Jets, rushing for over 120 yards. Plaxico Burress had his best game in three years, catching three passes in the endzone to win the Jets the game.

Bears vs. Bucs: 24-18 Bears

Bears Player of the Week: Matt Forte- 145 rush yards, touchdown

Bucs Player of the Week: Dezmon Briscoe- 6 receptions, 73 receiving yards, touchdown

The Bears were able to beat the Bucs in front of a British crowd at Wembley Stadium. The game was a pretty sloppy one, with the quarterbacks combining for six interceptions. The Bears went up big early in the game, but the Bucs fought back in the second half. On the Bucs’ final drive Josh Freeman threw his fourth interception of the game to give the Bears the win.

Redskins vs. Panthers: 33-20 Panthers

Redskins Player of the Week: Fred Davis- 6 receptions, 80 receiving yards, touchdown

Panthers Player of the Week: Cam Newton- 256 pass yards, 59 rush yards 2 total touchdowns. 127.5 passer rating

The Panthers racked up their second win of the season, after beating the Redskins pretty well at home. After starting off the season hot, the Redskins have cooled down and have lost three of their last four games.

Chiefs vs. Raiders: 28-0 Chiefs

Chiefs Player of the Week Raiders quarterbacks- 6 completions, 113 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns

Raiders Player of the Week: Michael Bush- 99 receiving yards

The Raiders played atrociously against the Chiefs, throwing six total interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns. Also, Darren McFadden went down with an injury early in the game. With Carson Palmer struggling at quarterback, and Darren McFadden injured, the Raiders are not in very good shape.

Steelers vs. Cardinals: 32-20 Steelers

Steelers Player of the Week: Ben Roethlisberger- 369 pass yards, 3 touchdowns, 121.8 passer rating

Cardinals Player of the Week: Larry Fitzgerald- 4 receptions, 78 receiving yards

The Steelers defeated the Cardinals, improving their record to 5-2. Big Ben and the offense had another impressive game, and their defense held their own, only allowing 20 points. The Steelers have a big matchup this week vs. the Patriots.

Rams vs. Cowboys: 34-7 Cowboys

Rams Player of the Week: Steven Jackson- 70 rush yards, touchdown

Cowboys Player of the Week: DeMarco Murray-253 rush yards, touchdown

Backup DeMarco Murray, who was filling in for an injured Felix Jones, rushed for a Cowboys record of 253 yards. The Cowboys ran all over the Rams, who were missing their starting quarterback Sam Bradford.

Packers vs. Vikings: 33-27 Packers

Packers Player of the Week: Greg Jennings- 7 receptions,149 receiving yards, touchdown

Vikings Player of the Week: Adrian Peterson- 175 rush yards, touchdown

Christian Ponder did a good job in his first NFL start, keeping the Vikings in the game. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers remain undefeated and now move onto their bye week, before they face the Chargers.

Colts vs. Saints: 62-7 Saints

Colts Player of the Week: Delone Carter- 89 rush yard, touchdown

Saints Player of the Week: Drew Brees- 325 pass yards, 5 touchdowns, 144.9 passer rating

The Saints demolished the Colts, and scored the most points in the NFL in 26 years. The Saints combined for eight touchdowns, and two interceptions. Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston each caught two touchdowns, while Jed Collins and Darren Sproles each ran one in.

Ravens vs. Jaguars: 12-7 Jaguars

Ravens Player of the Week: Anquan- 4 receptions, 40 receiving yards, touchdown

Jaguars Player of the Week: Maurice Jones-Drew- 105 rush yards

The Jaguars stunned the Ravens on Monday Night, holding them to only 148 yards of total offense and a touchdown. Despite not scoring a touchdown, The Jaguars were able to score 12 points on four field goals by Josh Scobee.

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