NFL=Broke Back Mountain?

To kiss or not to kiss that is the question on everyone’s mind after some videos went up very quickly I might add of Tim Tebow and Damaryius Thomas and what looks to be a shared kiss after a win. Judging from the video I can’t be sure if it was a kiss or bump in the face it was too quick and the emotion of the win may have people speaking out of context.

Readers are responding quite offensively to some of the articles and videos arguing that there are more important issues to write about. I say this to those readers as a response, you may take it offensively that the writer of these articles chose to write this story but your response good or bad, negative or positive is the reason why the videos and articles are gaining so much hype. You say no one cares, but you took the time to click on the link, read the article, view the video and respond. This kind of involvement shows that you care and take offense to the nature of the implication.

Regardless if this entire moment has been taken out of context or even not this is not an excuse for the outcry most readers are subjecting themselves too. Gossip is gossip whether its a kiss shared by two men, two women or a man and a woman. Let’s take it as face value of what it really looks to be. A flux that has the media world in a frenzy such as the sports world and celebrity gossip columnists. This is a story that they can fuel on for a few moments, perhaps days. Whatever the case may be, soon it will go away and we will be back in the pits of the loud and rowdy crowds only anticipating a touch down and not a tongue down.

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