NHL Power Rankings at the All-Star Break

With the NHL at its All-Star Break and the regular season on hiatus until Tuesday, January 31, it is an ideal time to do some power rankings. Let’s find out where your favorite team stacks up.

30. Columbus Blue Jackets (13-30-6, 32 points): This team stinks, to say the least.

29. Edmonton Oilers (18-26-5, 41 points): The Oilers have two wins in their last ten games. There is just no depth whatsoever after their overhyped prospects.

28. Buffalo Sabres (20-24-5, 45 points): It is time for a new general manager and a new coach. Trading Ryan Miller while his value is still somewhat high may be for the best.

27. Montreal Canadiens (19-21-9, 47 points): Scott Gomez has not scored a goal in a year. His salary for this year: over $7 million. That is all you need to know about the Habs and their struggles.

26. Carolina Hurricanes (18-24-9, 45 points): The Hurricanes have started to play a little better as of late but still sit in last place in the Eastern Conference.

25. Tampa Bay Lightning (21-23-4, 46 points): Steven Stamkos leads the NHL in goals with 32 so there is always that.

24. Anaheim Ducks (18-23-7, 43 points): The Ducks are one of the hottest teams in the league with eight wins over their last ten. Too bad it’s too late, too late.

23. New York Islanders (19-22-7, 45 points): Former number one overall pick John Tavares is having a breakout season. There is hope for the future.

22. Winnipeg Jets (22-22-6, 50 points): It’s too bad for the Jets that they don’t play all of their games at home.

21. Phoenix Coyotes (22-20-8, 52 points): Dave Tippett continues to be one of the best coaches in the NHL as he gets a lot out of a little.

20. Calgary Flames (23-21-6, 52 points): The Flames seem to have been stuck in this middle of the road position for years.

19. Colorado Avalanche (26-23-2, 54 points): This team is just very average.

18. Dallas Stars (25-21-2, 52 points): Two of the NHL’s most underrated players, Loui Eriksson and Jamie Benn, will have to carry the team on their backs in the second half.

17. Minnesota Wild (24-18-7, 55 points): After a very hot start, the Wild have come crashing back down to earth. They are in danger of losing their playoff spot.

16. Toronto Maple Leafs (25-19-5, 55 points): With the fantastic seasons that they have gotten out of Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul thus far, you would think the Leafs would be better than they are.

15. New Jersey Devils (26-19-3, 55 points): The Devils have lost three games in a row and are in danger of losing their playoff spot. They have relied on the shootout a good amount, especially from earlier on this season.

14. Florida Panthers (22-15-11, 55 points): Florida is starting to fade as their first line has gone quiet. They do not have any depth whatsoever.

13. Los Angeles Kings (24-16-10, 58 points): The Kings have played better under Daryl Sutter. They still can’t score, though.

12. Washington Capitals (26-19-3, 55 points): Remember when the Capitals looked like they would be a power house for years to come? They now look like just another team.

11. Ottawa Senators (27-19-6, 60 points): They have lost three in a row and may be starting to fade. Still, no one thought they’d be here this far in the season. Jason Spezza and Erik Karlsson are having great seasons.

10. San Jose Sharks (27-14-6, 60 points): The Sharks are very quietly leading the Pacific Division. With that said, they are not as dominant as they once were.

9. Pittsburgh Penguins (28-17-4, 60 points): The Penguins are on fire, led by Evgeni Malkin. He is the favorite for the Hart Trophy for league’s MVP at this point.

8. Chicago Blackhawks (29-15-6, 64 points): The Blackhawks lead the Western Conference in goals but have also let up a lot, as well. They cannot afford to lose captain Jonathan Toews for any extended amount of time.

7. Philadelphia Flyers (29-14-5, 63 points): After a red hot start, Claude Giroux has slowed down a little. The team keeps on winning, though. The Flyers will have to deal with a lot of injuries when they come back.

6. Vancouver Canucks (30-15-4, 64 points): The Sedins just keep on rolling and guiding this team. They probably need to make a move at the deadline for secondary scoring.

5. Nashville Predators (30-16-4, 64 points): The Predators are on fire as they have won nine of their last ten. They have faced somewhat of an easy schedule but, hey, can’t blame them for taking care of business. Barry Trotz remains as the NHL’s best head coach.

4. St. Louis Blues (29-13-7, 65 points): Brian Elliott and Jaroslav Halak have just been dominant in net. The Blues had four shutouts in January alone. Bringing in Ken Hitchock was a great move: they are 21-5-6 under his watch.

3. Detroit Red Wings (33-16-1, 67 points): Before last night’s 7-2 drubbing by the Canadiens, the Red Wings had won seven in a row. Goalie Jimmy Howard leads the league with 30 wins and is the early favorite for the Vezina Trophy for best goaltender. And, man, how good is the Central Division this year?

2. New York Rangers (31-12-4, 66 points): The Rangers lead the league in points and have the least amount of regulation losses. Coach John Tortorella is the favorite for the Jack Adams Award as best coach in the NHL.

1. Boston Bruins (31-14-2, 64 points): The Bruins have not missed a beat after winning the Stanley Cup last season. They lead the league in goals for and goals against and have a remarkable +69 goal differential. Is anyone on this team having a down year?

There you have it. Agree? Disagree? Sound off below!

Credit: All stats and standings found at NHL.com

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