Nicole Mentors the ‘over 30’s’ Group on XFactor USA Tonight

Nicole mentors the ‘over 30’s’ group on XFactor USA and we will watch to see who she sends forward to the ‘live show’ on XFactor (USA). The other XFactor USA judges are Simon Cowell, Paul Abdul and L A Reid.

We will watch as Nicole Scherzinger mentors the ‘over 30’s’ group on XFactor (USA) as XFactor goes into stage 3 of 4.

The ‘over 30’s’ XFactor as shown on the XFactor (USA) website, contestants are:

Christa Collins

Josh Krajcik

Dexter Haygood

LeRoy Bell

Elaine Gibbs

Stacy Francis

James Kenney

Tiger Budbill

Next will be the ‘live show’ version which will be Stage 4 of 4 of the XFactor (USA) TV Show.

‘ When the show goes live, only the best are left. Drawing from their experience, the judges coach the acts in their invidiual categories’.

Those who were in Stage 2 of 4 on XFactor USA were the following, as listed on the XFactor (USA) website last week:



The Anser

Arin Ray


Brennin Hunt

The Brewer Boys

Brian Bradley

Caitlin Koch

Cari Fletcher

Chris Rene

Christa Collins

Dexter Haygood

Drew Ryniewicz

Elaine Gibbs

Ellona Santiago

Emily Michalak

Francesca Duncan

Hayley Orrantia

Illusion / Confusion

James Kenney

Jazzlyn Little

John Lindahl

Josh Krajcik

Lauren Ashley

LeRoy Bell

Ma’at Bingham Shango

Marcus Canty

Melanie Amaro

Nick Dean

Nick Voxx

Paige Ogle

Phillip Lomax

Rachel Crow

Simone Battle

Skyelor Anderson

Stacy Francix

The Stereo Hogzz

Tiah Tolliver

Tiger Budbill

Tim Cifers

Tora Woloshin

The number of the XFactor TV show contestants is now at a total of only 32 girls, boys, groups and the ‘over 30′ bunch, and we will be looking for much excitement next Wednesday and Thursday as we watch the performers on live television where they will be trying to win the top prize.

With last week’s Wednesday and Thursday shows having been disrupted by the rain-delayed baseball game, that moved Wednesday’s show to Thursday and then Thursday’s regularly scheduled show forward then to Sunday night.

Our own pick from the ‘over 30′ group is Josh Krajcik from Ohio. We wish all of the contestants well, and wish they could all win the top prize! Another good one from this group to watch is Christa Collins.

The XFactor (USA) TV Show will show the second of last week’s shows on Sunday, on Fox TV, 8 pm ET/7 pm CT, seen locally in Nashville on Channel 17, WZTV.

Next week’s shows should be on Wednesday and Thursday, 8 pm ET/7 pm CT, on Fox TV, WZTV, Channel 17, in Nashville.

We look for exciting competition not only with the performers but between the XFactor judges too, Simon Cowell, Paul Abdul, L A Reid and Nicole Scherzinger are each in their own way determined to win this contest of mentoring their own XFactor USA contestants!

This is a very enjoyable show to watch, and we think it is a hit with the US public! Good luck to each and every XFactor USA contestant!

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