Nina Diaz of Girl in a Coma Talks Tour and ‘Exits and All the Rest.’

Nina Diaz fronts an exciting punk/rock band called Girl in a Coma. The band’s new album, “Exits and All the Rest (read review here),” is currently out and the all girl band are headlining their own tour. I recently checked out Diaz and company when they played Chicago’s Double Door (read review here). Before the group pulled into town, Diaz took time out to chat about the tour, the new album and their music.

You front the band Girl in a Coma (GIAC) with your sister, Phanie, on drums and childhood friend, Jenn, on bass. Having such a close relationship with each member, are there ever times when bickering or bitterness rears their ugly heads? How do you manage to get along while spending so much time together?

We are all individuals and yet have grown together as musicians and people. All has been for the better and we know each other so well that we know when we are pissing each other off.

Your songwriting is amazing, both lyrically and musically. Lots of times music comes with great melodies but horrible lyrics or vice versa. What is your song writing process like? Does it start with an idea, lyrics, music, etc.?

Well, I guess it comes from that weird space in the back of my mind. I’m constantly thinking and over thinking to the point I feel panic with so many ideas. I just try to put all these vibes into a controlled environment such as a song. Lyrics usually come as the music is being written; all the time it’s on my acoustic.

I’ve watched the band grow since the first album, “Both Before I’m Gone.” How has GIAC evolved from when the band first came onto the scene?

We’ve learned our instruments better I think, and definitely have found a great energy with our fans. If anything since the first album we have survived off of the strength of our fans.

The new album, “Exits & All the Rest,” is the band’s fourth studio album. Your last original album, “Trio B.C,” was released in 2009. What I loved about “Trio B.C.” is that it was very raw, almost as if the three of you recorded the album in one take. “Exits & All the Rest” sounds more like a studio album, more professional. How was the recording of “Exits & All the Rest” different from “Trio B.C.?”

Actually I disagree; I think “Trio” has a lot more of a studio vibe since there was so much overdub and backgrounds and change of amps, guitars, etc. “Exits” is so organic to me; everything was pretty much first take and just letting the songs stand on their own and giving them space to tell a story.

How much of the new album, “Adventures in Coverland,” and “Trio B.C.” will make the upcoming tour? Will this tour primarily promote “Exits & All the Rest?”

The tour will be majority “Exits” since we are trying to drill these new songs into our fans’ heads; maybe a taste of some older stuff depending on the vibe.

I had the chance to see GIAC at Chicago’s Vic Theatre in 2010. The band opened up for Sia. This upcoming tour will be a headlining one. Will there be anything special in the live show being that GIAC is headlining?

Nah, not much different; sometimes we will have a song to walk on stage to but other than that just our usual rockin.’

Before I let you go, I just wanted to say that GIAC is my favorite new band and I appreciate the fact that you are doing things the way you want to and not feeding into the mainstream landscape. Is there anything you wanted to add?

Well, we appreciate all our fans and will do whatever it takes to just get our music out and help anyone through any situation, personally, politically, whatever. Thanks.

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