Niners on Path to Win 6th Super Bowl

January, 2014- San Francisco 49ers are playing Bay Area native Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVIII. Brady announces this is his last game so he can tend to his family and help Giselle tend to their 5 children. All Niners coach Jim Harbaugh wants, is to give birth to another Niners Championship.

The above scenario is very plausible Tom and Giselle would probably have to have twins though). It took three years for Bill Walsh to take San Franciso to “Pay Dirt” after taking the reins in 1979. Could Harbaugh do the same or even beat that?

The world only remembers Joe Montana and Steve Young. They forget about Steve Bono, Jeff Kemp and Elvis Grbac. Walsh had a system. He plotted players into that system and played to their strengths. Montana and Young were two of the greats! But the Niners won consistently with the no names filling in as well.

Quarterback Alex Smith has been terrible since being drafted. Inconsistent, tentative, bad body language and injured. Why, all the sudden is he the third rated QB in football? Well, the Niners offensive line has started to gel and Smith has more than two seconds to drop back and pass. The other supporting cast of receivers and backs has more talent. But, the biggest reason is Harbaugh. Like Walsh he has a system. He started out excruciatingly conservative with his play calling and now the offense has evolved in short order. Creative sets while running and passing. It could be three tight ends, four split receivers or a defensive player in there blocking. He is taking talent and molding it into his system while playing to his players strength.

Pro Football is so much about coaching and strategy. Bill Walsh had great talent but the system brought it together. It is still so early to hand a trophy to Harbaugh and the Niners. But the culture has changed. The plays have changed. This team is inspired.

The San Francisco 49ers will win a Super Bowl in the next three years!!!!

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