No More .. I Will Take No More

Those words so harsh,so foul
As he speaks ,flowing from his mouth,the hurt,the pain
the darkened scowl .
The scarlet tone on his cheek ,the harshness feels the air.
Your mouth bleeds ,it bleeds and bleeds.

You try and take them back,realizing the pain you caused.
Wishing now , oh if only I could have paused and never spoke.
I never meant to hurt her,words he spoke again and again ,
as she felt the wrath from this man.

And yet the tears falling from her eyes,tell all a story she tries and hide .
The softened ,yet shallow sighs , so withdrawn. all alone.
He tries to silence her cries, as he slams his fist into her face
and she bleeds and bleeds ,so much pain so much blood ,
she’s decided she has had enough.

She stands and cries No more, I will take no more .
Never touch me again, never hit me with your hand.
No more words so dirty ,so foul.
I will defend myself and be free. Never again will anyone hit me .

And he shall bleed and bleed ,and bleed some more ..
as he lies there weakened and helpless on the floor.

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