One Sunday afternoon I was walking around downtown Wheeling West Virginia, a beautiful city. It was “Italian-Fest.” The town was abuzz. The historical area is a wonderful place where restored buildings and legends abound.

Then I began to notice it. It was everywhere: the sign. Every parking lot seemed to have it, and they all said about the same thing:” Private Parking. Violators Will Be Towed At Owner’s Expense”. That did not seem like southern hospitality to me, but I guess that it is to be expected. It can be seen in almost every city or town.

What disturbed me most was when I saw that the churches had similar signs. There were big, old, historic church buildings with that sign right in their parking lots:” Church Parking Only. Violators Will Be Towed At Owner’s Expense.”

Now, I can see why businesses would do this. And I guess that I could even understand churches doing it
After all, their members do need a place to park. But somehow it did not seem right, so cold, so harsh.I had difficulty believing that Jesus would put up one of those signs.

Maybe they could have said please or thank you or God bless you. Or, here is a better idea.

Years ago I heard about a church,somewhere, that came up with its own sign:” Church Parking Only. Violators Will Be Baptized!”

Now, that is more like it.

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