Marriage is hard work

It is not simply the ability to love

It is the ability to stay when you don’t feel like loving

The ups makes it so nice

But it is the downs and the ability to last through them that make the sanity of marriage special

When you can look at your spouse and feel anger but know that there is no better match

You know you reached the true meaning of marriage

Its like looking at two kids getting married with their bubbly faces and you think to yourself: They have no idea

Because you’ve been there

You were the youth that thought marriage would meet all your desires

To wake up next to your love

But now you realize that when they said wake up every day next to him

They really meant EVERY

It seems to mean something different now

Its interesting because as kids you couldn’t wait to see him

But now if you don’t you can make it

You’ve grown so much just by being married

Its interesting of what the word compromise does to you

Mama told you with her serious face

If you want your marriage to work you have to compromise

You brushed it off

That was not a problem in your relationship you thought

Now you hear your mother’s words in your head every time you have to compromise

The difference now is there’s no childish grin on your face

With every compromise you feel like you loose a bit of yourself

You are so much different than the child he married

Now you look and you aren’t you

You are this married woman and you envy the single

You want to get through to single women who say

They need to find a man

You shake your hand and think to yourself: If you only knew

You want to say to them NO YOU DON’T, ENJOY YOUR SELF

Because marriage is work

Marriage is compromise

And when you say this you hope they get the TRUE meaning

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