Nokia Lumia 710 Customer Review

When it comes to new technology I am all for finding the most up to date phone and other tech gadgets that can make my life easier. That being said, the new Nokia Lumia 710 is an interesting phone for buyers. For about fifty dollars you can buy this little phone that has what you need built right into the interface and mechanics of the device. With internet, windows, the app market, and Microsoft office 365 phone is fully equipped and presents plenty of options for users.

The best thing that I found about this phone was the extreme portability. Instead of having to figure out what I was going to do when I got to school or anywhere else without an internet connection, all I had to do was pick up and go. The fact that it has internet hotspot capabilities made it easy to take wherever I went and still have access to the internet. The phone is a bit smaller than some other phones that have a touch screen which makes using the touch screen a bit harder than say a Samsung Galaxy or other large screen phone. Because this phone was made to be portable, the size does not hinder the performance of the phone at all from a technological standpoint.

The fact that there is an office application on the phone makes it the perfect phone for those that love to stay connected with work or school no matter where they go. This phone has a 3.7 inch touch screen, people hub, 5 MP Auto Focus camera, LED Flash and HD Video, internet explorer 9, and more. The portability of the phone is both a blessing and a curse in one. Because the phone is so light you can take it anywhere without having to worry about the size, but the fact that it is so light does make it seem a bit more fragile than I tend to like in phones. If you add a protective case however you can add a bit of substance to the phone and make it seem a bit more secure.

This phone is also great for videos, music, and other forms of entertainment which is great for me because I am a college student and I have down time between classes. Overall the best thing about this phone as mentioned above is the price and the quality that you get for the money. The downside to this phone is that in an effort to make it portable, Nokia made it seem a bit fragile. All in all this is a nice phone for just about any cell phone user.

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