Nosy Nora

Nosy Nora,
You always stick your nose
In other people’s business.
Nosy Nora stop it at once!
Please give no more advice.
You’ve caused Elmira to seek a divorce.
You claimed her husband was seeing Delores.
You’ve brought a town to distress.
You’re stirring a real hornet’s nest.
You managed to anger our dear old mayor.
By saying he had a pet alligator.
Nosy Nora,
Shame on you.
You’ve really done it this time.
You called the governor a big, fat bore,
And the governor lives next door.
You’ve alienated the left and the right.
Your presence gives us no delight.
You only want to provoke a fight.
Now see here Nora and see the light.
Please, oh please, just take flight.
Make us happy and do it tonight.

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