Not Eating Right Causes Diseases

The four diseases that are caused by eating more would be obesity, diabetes, heart attack, and thyroids. If you eat less you could be bulimia and be mal-nutrient. It’s a proven fact, if you eat more of certain foods you are going to get obesity, obesity causes all sorts only of problems. Although, the only symptom for obesity this would be increases appetite.

Obesity is a disease that has flooded America. It can be prevented if eating and exercising right. Diabetes is another disease if you ate too much of certain foods. If you ate a lot of sugary foods, you can get it. Symptoms for diabetes are frequently urinating, always thirsty, increased fatigue, and dizziness and many more that can be named. Heart attacks are common if you let yourself go and go on an eating binge. Type 1 diabetes cannot be avoided, not matter how well you take care of yourself. It’s heredity.

This goes along with obesity, your body will collect plague in the heart and then (boom) heart attack. Symptoms of a heart attack are pain in the chest, hurting on the left side, and loss of breath. Thyroid is another disease that you may get if you decide to eat unhealthy.

Your body needs to the right amount of every food group. Thyroid symptoms are fatigue and thirst.
This disease would affect a child worse off than an adult. It affects a child in self-esteem wise, kids picking on you because you are ‘fat’. Kids seem to hold on to things harder than adults. Heart attacks and diabetes affect the way a child lives, day by day, school activities. Adults on the other hand can get the thyroids worse than a child. Even though this effects their lives, but they learn to cope.

So, with good diet and exercise you won’t have to worry about getting getting these secret diseases.

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