Now I Think About Science

Have you ever thought about the beginnings of Science or how it all started? The person who carved out the first wheel in stone always takes their space in my mind. One of the most revolutionary inventions of our time has no name for its creation, and that unknown creator changed everything. Just think about all of the inventions that have something round in it. It would take you a year to name each and every one. So can you imagine driving your car on square wheels? With that in mind, I think the most complex thinkers of our time owe its dreams to that carved out round shape of stone.

Once I got pass the first round stone wheel, Science for me took flight. And I bet you forever money that the unknown inventor in China who created a treatment for skin infections never thought it would cause the death of so many people. It was later called gunpowder (, 2012. The birth of the most destructive force in Science took shape in the minds of the creators of guns. There will never be a true count of all of the lives lost to these great guns, yet it has saved many lives too. Samuel Morse’s creation (The Telegraph) took its place in my mind. For an instant in time, it took over America. His Morse’s Code became an art in communications. And now the Telegraph has its place in the forgotten, but important inventions of man (, 2012). But because of this great invention, the telephone was born. Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both created a telephone, but Mr. Graham was the first to get to the Patent Office. So in the history of Science, he became the telephone’s first creator. Now I know Science can have its heartbroken stories too (Everyday Mysteries, 2012).

The true flight of Science took off with Wilbur and Orville Wright’s first plane flight of man (Everyday Praise, 2012). That flight into tomorrow became endless inventions in the mind of man. And I shall always marvel at the things before and all of the great inventions to come because of Science. The minds of Science spellbound my life each and every day. Think about it, everything you touch has its birth in Science. Even the things you do not see hide behind the walls of Science. And I know, the mind of a Scientist can be complex, yet some of the greatest creations can look so simple. My career in Science has a lot of years. I may not create the great history changing inventions, but I can wonder. For the minds of Science will always be among of the greatest dreams and history of man; I say this because if it were not for the creators of the computer, I would not have written this at all. So with a heart of pride, I salute each and every mind of Science.

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