Obama Has it in for Christianity, it is Well Documented, and You Should Consider Who, or What, You Are Supporting

A lot of us pray for Obama. But few of us wonder if Obama even wants our prayers to go forth. Since the beginning of his campaign Obama has been at odds with Christianity. Obama did not give his support, through the traditional means of appealing to Black churches. In fact, Obama threw his own pastor under the bus to get elected. Blacks, all of the sudden, felt as though the preacher himself was in the wrong, which is contradictory to the way that a lot of our own pastors speak out against what is wrong with America.

The church used to be one of the institutions where you could talk about America. I am not so sure what happened as of late.

A few preachers came out against Obama, a few Black intellectuals continue to talk about him, but for the most part Blacks have remained silent on Barack Obama. Why is this? What has Barack Obama done for you, as an African-American? Even fewer of us are working than were when George W. Bush was in office. More of us are even further in debt, a few of us even lost our homes. We are witnessing poverty and desperation that is worse than anything we saw in the nineties.

Say that it is not Barack Obama’s fault, say that George W. Bush started the bailouts. Say that you want to. But think twice when you consider just how much of a Christian Barack Obama actually is; if it matters to you. Personally I see nothing wrong with Mitt Romney being a Mormom; it would not be my reason to vote for another candidate. I never considered Barack Obama’s Christianity, or lack of it, to be a consideration either. I don’t vote according to the religious affiliation of the candidate.

Barack Obama likes big business, he likes Jay-Z, he likes a lot of things that carnal, religious, Christians like. Christians that are indifferent to his positions on abortion, and do not care about his support for homosexuality. Christians are supposed to believe in the authority of the Word of God. Barack Obama supports that which tears away at the integrity of Christianity, and society in general. I understand how people feel about Black liberation theology, but if he did not feel that Rev. Wright was teaching a theology that was spiritually sound, he should have left a long time ago.

A lot of individuals do not like Black Liberation Theology because they do not like the idea of spirituality, and being militant, going together. Fears of Blacks putting a Christian spin on ideas associated with Malcolm X, or Louis Farrakhan, come about. The true answer is often in the middle; Black Americans should be more aware of what is going on, and how they continue to come up short, but at the same time we should never put out faith in those inequalities above that of the tests that God is trying to put us through. In other words, we could easily lose focus of the application of core Christian principles towards our redemption in our preoccupation of the injustice.

I am intrigued that Barack Obama has been put into a position where he more or less, had to deny the importance or significance of Christianity in his own life, in order to get elected. This is a litmus test that few other politicians have had to take. In fact I do not recall any politicians getting grilled about it the way that Obama was.

We do not know anything about Barack Obama, other than he is a Black, in part, and just happens to be the President. Somehow, it does not appear as though he has done anything to further anything I believe in, including my own faith as a Christian.

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