Obama Seems Intend of Becoming a Knuckle-head

He now mocks Republicans who voted down his latest $447 billion proposed spending bill, inclusive of the American Jobs Act. Why did the Republicans do that? The best example is Obama’s prior “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009″, costing taxpayers $820 billion added to the national debt.

Did the act create jobs, verifiable jobs? Let’s see, in California, signs along certain freeways announce ” Your American Recovery and Reinvestment Act At Work” and one sees individuals picking up trash at a snail pace. This is not job creation, this is not manufacturing a product, it is handing people money to get them off the street and paid for by the American taxpayer. Two months later the allocated money is depleted and trash pickers go back what they were doing before- nothing.

To Obama – this is job creation.

This is also what Republicans saw in Obama’s prior job creation act and thus, are reluctant to waste any further billions on something that has no accountability, is not verifiable, and basically is worthless. The American public should never forget the haste and rush in which the Obama administration wasted $535 million in taxpayers money on now bankrupt Solyndra.

What is the matter with Obama anyhow? He must know, every day more than $3.5 billion in interest is added to the national debt. So far this year, net interest payment on the national; debt reached $227 billion. In addition, we incurred a $1.3 trillion budget deficit in fiscal 2011 and third rear in a row (with Obama in charge) of a deficit at or above $1 trillion. Consequently, one should wish the “Super-committee” good luck, since they have to come up by Thanksgiving with $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over the next ten years.

All the while. Mr. Obama riding through North Carolina backyard, shows off his $1 million bus (another one as a backup) – all paid for by the taxpayer and as if we did not have a national debt approaching $15 trillion.

When President Obama talks of job creation, here is a dose of reality. The government seems to be the only one hiring, Numbers don’t lie. In 2010, the executive [civilian] branch of the federal work force increased by 2,000 staff and uniformed military added 13,000. Even after all retirements, the executive branch added a stunning 39,000 jobs in 2010, followed by the defense department with 36,000 staff.

And today we learned the USPS is once again increasing 1st class mail stamp by one cent. The US Postal service is the U.S. second largest employer (after Wal-Mart) with 574,000 employees, however, losing over $8 billion in 2010. Within the USPS, mail carrier services employed (last reading May 2010) – 325,000 with a mean annual wage of $50,000. Maybe, with the help of the lobbyist, the mail carrier services union get a taxpayer handout – just like Solyndra did- and several billions of taxpayers money. All they need to do is support Obama’s wish for a second term.

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