Obama. Sounding Presidential

There has been a change of pace in recent weeks.

President Obama has gone, from nice, friendly, let’s chat about the problem to vocal, forceful and driven.

He talks now about getting construction workers back to work, building bridges, repairing roads, and fast high speed rail, a favorite for me.

My worry with the new image president is, Is there any substance there?

Maybe after hearing the same jobs speech from the Congress to Washington State, should the President think of employing new speech writers as well as construction workers.

It seems the White House speech writers have forgotten we are in the 21st Century, politicians reciting the same speech was good enough in the early 20th Century. No real mass communication and it was always fresh. But today in a world of endless media coverage and repetative soundbites on CNN. The speech should change as often as the background.

The presidents new style of driven action, is impressive. It took a little time, too long a time for many, to come forward but looks good. The endless repetition of the same speech is already becoming irritating and boring. Ok if the president were an actor we can allow him several takes to get the right inflection and right look, but he is not an actor. He is a man of action. Sort of. Well maybe.

Or maybe he is just the nice man who really just wants a quiet chat trying to look like a president.

I for one hope not. We need a president with fire in his belly and a vision to lead us.

Oh well! Time will tell.

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