Obama’s Fried Chicken in China…Really?

So I guess that since “all black people love chicken”, this distasteful advertisement of America’s President Barack Obama, as the face of colonel sanders is fitting for marketing KFC’s chicken. Mimicking Harlem New York’s version, China has derived their own version of “Obama’s Fried Chicken”, to appeal to the 100+ African Americans living in China. Wow! There are over 100 million people living in China? This may be the first question and thought of many. As the next question would be, just what is China thinking, making an ad such as this to appeal to blacks? Do they think that this raunchy marketing scheme is really going to be appealing, not just toward African Americans, but to all other ethnicities? A N.Y. Post report suggests otherwise. The Post reports a statement from a very disappointed Rev. Al Shaprton, with statements that this mockery of our President is stereotypical and unwanted. The ill-advised billboard of the President, with squinting eyes and a great big grin may do more harm than good, and may be far from making any money for the prospects promoting such defaming and distasteful illustrations. It may be to no surprise if business actually declines because of such a bold and un-thoughtful move. Just how does China view our President? Do they really consider this a thing of good taste and rapport with their competition in the Western hemisphere? Or is this deliberate shamble a slap in the face, giving a big chuckle to such an advanced and “know better than that” country?

Reuven Fenton and Don Kaplan Chinese Give Barack the Bird nypost.com

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