Occupy Nashville Protesters: Honor with Respect

Strange when you look, at national news reports that the west coast protesters against banks and big corporations seems to be surrounded by violent confrontation, with the cities law enforcement because, of a few strays creting havoc.

But, across the country, in the state of Tennessee in the city, of Nashville. You’ll find a total different feel concerning their protesters standing up for the same complaints, of the west coast folks. In fact, when their governor supported politicians in trying to get them remove, from the territory they have camped around.

They was shocked, when the local judge that decided the legality of the removal pointed out that the governor and law enforcers had no legal rights to remove the protesters.In fact, they was legallly supported by laws that they never even broke, by being on the grounds they selected.

Notice, the differences between the group that creating havoc against another the group that creating none. The Occupy Nashville protesters don’t gather negative press so the national news avoids the truth that many groups besides the Nashville’s group have done pretty well supporting their messages that corporations and banks have gained profits. While the people suffer more against the economy melt down that has many wondering about the days when the positive attitudes will return.

Sure, there’s a great chance that the fools fighting the police departments wasn’t tre supporters, of the cause in the first place. When strife and conflict takes over any calm protest the message gets lost in the points you’re trying to make.

Even, with the Nashville Occupt group the trouble has been minimum that the local news ave had no bad news to really report concerning this group. Maybe, it’s because the South has always been consider a conservative style group, of states. As opposed to the free style west coast that seems to move, at it own place.

A compliment must be given to the citizens, of Nashville that supported or didn’t support the Occupiers simply because they never bought bad attention to the city. The bad light goes to those that move quick to move them, without knowing the laws on the books concerning their rights.

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