Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement: We’re Spreading it There?

September 17, 2011, an embryo of hope sprung to sudden life

Born into open arms of an unprecedented collective hug

Solidarity sprouted from a bad seed fertilized with pain and strife

Planted deep into vast hopelessness, pits of doom deliberately dug

Arrogant establishments ignoring the ninety-nine percent in dire need

Collapsed economies tossed in a foreseen sinkhole

The American Dream, now a massive grave hollowed by endless greed

Reversing ‘The Great Recession,’ today’s nightmarish goal

Elected officials do nothing for their people except spit out each bitter pill

Powerlessly force-fed rhetoric, selfish agendas and political hypocrisy

Lessons learned from the third world are that mobilization and strengthened will

Resist undue power of the one percent and return back the people’s democracy.

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