Occupy Wall Street Marches to Times Square

COMMENTARY | The people of Occupy Wall Street are marching to JPMorgan Chase Bank to close accounts today. They are also planning a march to Times Square on the same day according to a report on ABC World News.

Many people may wonder why close out the bank accounts at JPMorgan Chase Bank. This is the most profitable bank in America, and in a time when banks are getting bailouts, the “99 percent” are demanding their own bailout. The 99 percent hopes to send a message that without their money the bank would be nothing. This will no doubt hurt the bank to some degree. It is a stand against corporate greed.

So who are in this 99 percent group? Its people like you and I. It is the fast food worker, the beautician, the teacher and everyone else who are taxed to the max on incomes that barely stretches to pay the bills. The people obey the laws and are good citizens, trying to raise a family on low wages while our government wastes money raised from our taxes are in this group.

Basically the 99 percent are the “little people” who are not part of Corporate America. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch and other corporate CEOs are part of the 1 percent and the minority here. The Occupy Wall Street Movement is giving a voice to the 99 percent of all of us who have no voice when it comes to our government.

Today marks a day when the world unites in a common cause as this movement is spotlighted. The revolution began in New York on Sept. 17 when a group wanted to have their voices heard, and on Oct. 15, the world’s 99 percent spoke up in a unified voice.

Today the world marches to the beat of a new drummer. It is the beat of thousands of unified voices for democracy.

I watched a live feed on the Adbuster website of the march to Times Square via the sidewalks. Traffic was still flowing within the streets and I saw tons of police standing vigil within those streets. Those people marching include people o every race, religion, occupation, and wage class joining in one voice.

They are chanting pro-democracy slogans and it appears peaceful. A few of the chants that were very clear was ‘all day, all week, occupy Wall Street’ and “every day, every week, occupy everywhere.” It really was quite inspiring to watch them.

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