Occupy Wall Street Movement Grows

COMMENTARY | Occupy Wall Street is a movement that is sweeping not only the nation but also the world as well according to a report on OccupyWallStreet.org. Around the world each day, we are learning about more cities joining the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Is there any way to stop the movement?

The real question we should be asking ourselves is the opposite. Why would anyone stop such a movement? The officials who govern us want it stopped, if we have no say in our government, they can continue unchecked. They wish to suppress us and keep us quiet. People like you and I need this movement to continue, so that our voices are heard.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York along with the New York Police Department announced plans to clean the park on Wednesday. Instead, the citizens met the officials with a strong opposition. One thing is for sure, the more the officials try to quiet the voices, the louder the voices get.

According to a chart on the Occupy Together website there are 1,513 cities that are showing support. By clicking to see where the meet ups are located, one can see a world map which shows the occupations. These cities include but are not limited to Biloxi, Miss.; Memphis, Tenn.; El Paso, Texas; Grand Junction, Colo.; and Tampa, Fla.

Within a 50-mile radius of my hometown in Athens, Pa., there are two occupied cities. Binghamton and Ithaca, N.Y. have residents who have taken their stand along with the movement.

Around the world you will find occupations in Cambodia, China, India, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium, Norway, and South Africa just to name a few. People in the cities within these nations are staging their own versions of the movement.

The real magnitude of this movement can be seen in the news clips of these events, which are getting out. The word is being spread by word of mouth, its people using their voices to be heard. The voice they want heard is an equal government where everyone’s voice is heard. One can learn how to be a part of this by watching this YouTube clip.

These groups are not causing unpeaceful people. These are people like you and me from all lifestyles, trying to bring global change to benefit us all. We are all in this together, yet those who govern us do not listen to us. The basis of this Occupy Wall Street movement and the ones that followed are all to help all of us ‘little’ people get our voices heard.


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