‘Occupy Wall Street’ Supporters May Not Be What They Seem

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The democratic party coming out in public support of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and standing shoulder to shoulder, per se, with participants is much more complex than it may initially appear. This could be disastrous for the movement because it should not, and cannot, be associated with either party or it will start to divide the people once again.

President Obama sided with the protesters late last week, which in itself is a very complicated action. Having the support of the President is a multifaceted issued because in some ways it is definitely a good thing to have the support of one of the most powerful men on the planet in, but it also has the potential consequence of alienating a number of individuals who feel he is responsible for a some of the current issues.

Even though a number of Democratic officials have long been fighting for the people and genuinely support OWS, there are also a number of Democratic congressmen who are just as guilty as some Republicans, the corporate banks, and other Wall Street financial organizations for the current state of the nation’s economy. The point cannot be stressed enough that this a non-partisan movement and no political affiliation can be allowed to take credit where it is in no way due. ‘Occupists’ need to be careful and weary of who comes out in ‘support’ of the protests in order to prevent poison from leaching into the well of change. Even though the actions and words of some politicians may seem supportive, individuals need to be aware of the ulterior motives of politicians. The best way to end a movement such as this is for either party to take credit, assimilate, corrupt and disband.

The Occupy movement has spread to over 1,000 cities nationwide and is rapidly moving to new areas each day. The message of the group is reaching more individuals and showing that people actually can do something about the current state of the nation. This type of rallying has not really been seen in this country since the 1960’s and it is exciting to see Americans coming together as one and finally fighting for something. Too long have this nation’s citizens sat idly by in an apathetic coma all the while watching the United States slowly go into a rapid downward spiral. OWS is a beautiful exercise of our constitutional rights and illustrates to the rest of the world that the US citizens are paying attention and are angry.

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