OCD Assessment

There are people having trouble in identifying OCD. Though a physicians or medical expert’s diagnosis must be followed, you can still help by doing a preliminary assessment. It may not be as easy as you think, but there are symptoms you must learn in order for you to identify OCD.

Read the statements and symptoms listed and take note which of them manifests in you or your loved one. Do not be surprised if you noticed more than one OCD symptoms that manifests.

The following statements will help you identify the types of problems that most gives an OCD patient difficulty.

Regarding Washing and Cleaning

You usually avoid touching certain area of things that you think has possible contamination over you. You find it hard to pick up the things that dropped on the floor. You clean your house too much that you don’t want to see any dust or dirt around. You are washing your hands often and excessively. You always take a shower or baths more than usual. You are too conscious with germs, bacteria, and sicknesses.

Regarding Checking up things and Repetitive ActionsYou frequently check your things over and over again. You find it hard to finish certain task because of repetitive actions on what you do. You can’t stop feeling anxious that’s why you keep on checking things to make sure that everything is okay and nothing wrong will happen. You have excessive fear of making mistakes. You are excessively afraid that someone might get hurt because of you. You have compulsive thoughts in your mind that push you to do things over and over again.

Regarding on How to Set Things in Order in your Life.

You have specific things around you that must be in order at all times. You spend too much time that it became of waste checking things to be in order and in the right place always. You have excessive keen observation and you easily get noticed things that are not in its proper place. You have the urge to set certain things in special patterns. You easily get upset when you see that your things had been rearranged.

Regarding Hoarding Things

You usually brought home things that are useless and no value at all. You have collections that are cluttered all over the place. You do not like to see other people touching or using your things. You find it hard to get rid of the things or possessions that you have.

Regarding Anxieties and Obsessions if not into the character of Thinking Rituals

You easily get depressed with thoughts and idea that came in your mind which you don’t personally like and it’s hard for you to stop doing it. You frequently have uncertainties about the easy things you do everyday. You can’t control your thoughts at all times. You usually have embarrassing, scary, weird or aggressive thoughts that go off your mind. You easily get excessively worried of unimportant events that happen in your life.

Start assessing yourself or your loved one if these OCD symptoms manifests and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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