October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is commonly known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is particularly important to me because of the ordeal my mother went through when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I’ll never forget the day when she and my father called to break the news to my husband and me. After Mom revealed her shocking news, I remember just being numb and speechless. She was the first to break the ice as only a mother could do in those awkward moments.

Mom was a trooper who bravely went through the chemotherapy treatment like a true champ.

Many years later my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer too. Hers was discovered at its early stages. I am happy to announce that this month she has been cancer-free for one year. It gives her upcoming birthday more significance because she was born in October.

The attitude and demeanor that my mother and sister exhibited was one of such strength and courage. As Christians they committed themselves to the Lord and the battles that they would face. While going through their ordeals they sought to be an encouragement to others. Although my mom has since gone to heaven she survived breast cancer. And my sister is exploring new ventures in her life.

Coming from a large family of sisters we make it our business to annually have a mammogram because our risk is higher. This past week I had mine and was given some pink stationary, a writing pen, a 2012 pocket calendar and magnet with helpful information on it. The clinic that I had mine done at do a great job in making you comfortable and present a very professional and caring attitude towards its patients.

If you fall within the recommended range, which is usually around 40 (although situations may vary) I would highly encourage you to not ignore this part of your healthy living lifestyle. Early detection is so important and can even save lives.


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