Off Leash Dog Fun on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

There are many good places to bring your dog on the Olympic Peninsula. There are local City Parks, Clallam and Jefferson County Parks and WA State Parks, in addition to the vast Olympic National Forest. In the National Forest, dogs are allowed on trails off leash but must be restrained in recreation areas. There are hundreds of miles of trails for you and your dog to explore in one of America’s premiere National Forests. There are too many trails to list here but there are a number of good guide books including “Day Hiking the Olympic Peninsula” by Craig Romano. This guide can be purchased from the Mountaineers Club or at many local bookstores.

The Olympic National Park, while a beautiful site to visit, is not very dog-friendly. Dogs must stay on a leash no longer than 6 feet long and only in parking areas, along roadways and in campgrounds. Dogs are not allowed on trails and beaches in the park or in the backcountry.

The area’s largest and most popular dog park is Sequim Dog Park in Sequim, WA. Owners bring their dogs of all shapes and sizes, ages and temperaments here to experience off leash bliss. There is something here for dogs of all types. The owners are also a friendly bunch and welcome newcomers! The park is located on the far eastern end of the popular local Carrie Blake Park. The park has a very large playing field and a separate area just for small dogs. There is an agility course on the far end of the park which, unfortunately, is off limits to visiting dogs. If you are lucky enough to be in the park at the right time, you may see Chase, the Sequim Police K-9 Patrol dog training here.

Port Townsend is also a great place to bring your dog. Many local business owners provide treats for their customer’s dogs, as do some downtown residences. There is a fenced dog park where you can let your dog off leash. It is located on Jackson St. north of Chetzemoka City Park. It is a good idea to use this area for your off leash adventures with your dog as deer are all over Pt. Townsend and an off leash dog may be harmed by or spook the deer.

No matter where you take your dogs out to play on the Olympic Peninsula, do make sure they are properly licensed and ALWAYS pick up after them. Never leave dogs unattended, whether in your vehicle or elsewhere. Have fun!

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