Oh, How Fun it is to Be Drunk!

So, this is my first article here, I hope you enjoy it.

Many people today can’t wait to turn 21 so they can go out to the bar and get drunk in public. What makes being drunk at the bar anymore appetizing than sitting home with friends and doing the same thing? I mea. face it, the bar you wait until you’re 21 to get in, the music is loud, it stinks, you’re friends may not want to go for these reasons, and you still have to drive home at the end of the night. Does this really sound fun?

For those who don’t want wait until you’re 21 (and legal), you’re not missing much. You may think you are, but as many times as you hear it, you’re not. It’s the truth. The last time I remember being drunk, I took a nice fall off a bar stool and didn’t feel a thing. That may sound like fun, but it all went downhill from there. I was taken home by my best friend that night, where my mother had to carry me upstairs and lay me on the floor so I could craql into my bed, because I sure as hell wasn’t walking. I lay in bed, the room spinning, my body numb. I remember thinking, “I really have to pee, I wish I could move. I wish my body didn’t feel so numb.” I remember closing my eyes to stop the room from spinning, but it didn’t. It only spun more. My boyfriend walked in a few hours later, I asked him to help me to the bathroom. I went in, did what I had to, and practically fell on the floor with my face in the toilet. Does that really sound FUN?

Not to mention when I woke up the next morning, not only did I feel like crap, my body did from the fall and I couldn’t stop thinking about how embarrassed I was…in front of my mother, my friends, my boyfriend, and my sister and her friend.

It doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

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