OK Alone

Just imagine if you will…one being standing alone. Perfect in every way yet alone. No one to talk to. No one to debate with. No one to play chess with. No one to hold hands with. Close your eyes and imagine…

Then one day this being remembers they are PERFECT and able to create anything just as PERFECT as them. Why not create another being to talk to, to debate with, to play chess with, someone to hold hands with? Then they figure…just to keep it interesting lets make this being different from me in everyway. Let’s make them soft because I am hard. Lets make them feel while I think. Since I am pure light lets make them dim with just a bit of sparkle. Because u see if not different all would be in vain not to mention rather boring. The perfect being will be able to create just as I, breath just a I, and love me just as I because they will be OF me.

And low and behold this perfect lonely being creates femininity. At first it is lovely. Playin chess, talking, debating and holding soft hands. Then one day this being also begins to realize SHE is perfect. She can create, she can breathe, she can love. One day she turns to her one and only BELOVED and says I’m going to take a journey to consider what I should create. I’ll be back soon!

But because he has given her a mind of her own, the ability to live on her own, create on her own and love on her own…how could he stop her? Off into space she goes promising to return. But with so many things created on her journey she loses sight of her way back. And every since that moment he has been searching for her and she for him. Each separately and constantly creating things to fill the void between them.

In the air they both breathe she can stll feel him, hear him, and speak to him and at times so clearly see him. The thought of reuniting is both exciting and sad. They long to be together. She misses his warmth. He misses seeing his reflection. He thinks if only she can be a part of me again. She often wishes the same. If only we could be one again. How PERFECT it would be. But with all things created the beat of her heart grows faint, his voice becomes muffled, its so crowded it’s hard to see. Then he reasons…I really didn’t mind playing chess alone, did I?

What if life is simply about two lovers trying to become one again? Constantly searching for PERFECTION in each others arms. Becoming one again…PERFECTION is found. Complete and perfect in every way, never yearning, never wanting, never needing, never knowing, never finding but always searching for something out there…in space.

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