Oklahoma: Unauthorized Entry, Defense with Violence

“I wouldn’t have done it, but it was my son,” McKinley told ABC News Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO. “It’s not an easy decision to make, but it was either going to be him or my son. And it wasn’t going to be my son. There’s nothing more dangerous than a woman with a child.” Sarah McKinley

Recently a teen mother had to protect her infant and herself and infant by using violence, she killed a man. Justin Martin attempted once to gain access to her home soon after her husband had died. Failing in that attempt Justin gained a partner, Dustin Stewart and came back at night. Forcing their way in one was shot as the teen mother feared her for her child’s life. The law allows self-defense and the defense of others but even so there are rules about just how far this can go. The mother was scared as shown in the 911 call, upon hearing this feel an understanding needs to be made about the limits placed on protecting your home.

Our homes are where we expect to feel the most protections, and most controls in our lives. Homes are more than four (4) walls and a roof a house makes. They are where we consider our most closely involved family and friendly relationships exist. We regard this location as such a dearest place, filled with the warmth of our lives and hopes of our dreams. To find another suddenly has access to such is very disturbing to anyone, it angers and causes pain.

But even so we use limit so our actions in this regard to what and how we respond because emotion is not allowed to be law. Emotional control over our lives would allow our worse sides to slip into reality and take over easily. Anger, hatred, and other emotions once let loose may not be stopped. Preventing the emotions from taking control keeps the intellect of ourselves going. Our thoughts are not what we regard as a good base of law; facts are meant to hold up the law. Under this concept lose of personal objects can be replaced, therefore we restraint ourselves in this matter. But life can not be so easily replaced or recovered, killing to protect such we must accept.

When Sarah McKinney first encountered Martin it was two (2) days after her husband’s funeral. Already upset by lose of her husband, she did not expect someone attempting to disturb her life more. But there are those who will want and take from others what they have no right to. The police believe the intention was to get prescription dugs, then why did they need a knife? The mother’s attitude from the beginning told them she meant to protect what was left of her family. The two intruders had reasoned they would have to threaten her to get anything. But they did not expect her to carry things as far as she was forced to do. Thinking she was easy prey they took action together, even then if they want drugs they could have waited until she was out of the house. One of them paid for such planning with his life, the other may pay the same price from a court.

Those committing crimes are attempting to take control of the situation; therefore they assume the responsibility for any action taken during that crime. Even if these are not actions they did directly, once they attempt to control they are making changes to other’s lives and must consider their lives as important. The reality of this puts those with little thought or considerations of others in positions where the situation can and does easily get out of control. This by the very actions and emotions these crimes are presented to the public. Yet these same are held responsible later, after all the innocent have been harmed but not giving means to stop the crime before it happens. That can only be done by those who resist the crime while it is happening.

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