Older Man Took American Beauty to Aruba for Love and Murder

This is a story we’ve heard before. Young blond woman disappears while vacationing in paradise.
Reporters like Nancy Grace are all over it— and while it may never reach the hysterical proportions of the Natalee Hollaway nightmare where a high school cheerleader went to Aruba and never returned home— this story has what the press calls ” legs”.

Short of a murder confession by the 50 year old man Gary Giordano,( the businessman who paid to bring the younger woman and possible “victim” named Robin Gardiner to Aruba), this story may go on and on for at least two months as the information disclosed so far makes for a compelling detective story.
Here’s the facts we know according to the press.

The two adults met on a dating site Match.com.
( Bad news already as match.com just got sued last month for not performing background checks allowing a sexual predator to attack his middle aged female date in her own home. But that is a story for another article. )

The two had been communicating for awhile and it did not seem to be one of those heavenly relationships you see profiled on television. Ms Gardner had complained to her friends that he had sent her mean texts after one bad date when she refused to go on a cruise with him.

Giordano was divorced with a few ex- girlfriends who didn’t like him all that much, and Robin had a steady boyfriend who seems to have adored her. Ms. Gardner’s boyfriend was crushed when he learned belatedly that she’s been cheating on him with this creepy character named Gary.

Ms Gardner was just not that” into” water sports— and Gary wore a hair weave that he did not like to get wet. So the idea of disappearing into the ocean seems rather unlikely unless he weighted her with stones and threw her off a cliff.

The 35 year old woman had been sending mysterious tweets that the vacation was not going well and she would discuss it later. If only she had left ASAP.

Here’s where it starts getting very odd,

Gary had been propositioning other woman which included a young 18 year old model. He promised her mother that he would ” take care of them both forever” if the two women had a sexual relationship with him in Aruba. Gary pretended to be a modeling agent and promised them money to go to Aruba with him. He even mentioned something about the Holloway case in a bad joke.

.Gary took a short term travel insurance policy out for both Robin and himself. Worth $150.000.000.
He called the company on it after she disappeared to see if it was good.

One or two of these points might mean nothing, but put them all together and you get a very big something. Foul play.

I am guessing that Gary Giordano realized that if you want to assault, kill or sell girls into slavery, Aruba would be the place to do it.

After all, no one prosecuted the killer of a young and innocent girl named Holloway. So an older woman can disappear snorkeling and who’s really going to prosecute him? Robin is much less of a victim, more like a woman tired of her existance. He can claim anything. Who will stop him? Who can prove it?

Gary may have planned the perfect murder and performed it in Aruba,

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