On Set with Mission Pictures International Dynamic Duo

Mainstream entertainment is on the cusp of a radical change as the demand for high-quality, inspirational films and television programming increases. Entertainment company Mission Pictures International is on the forefront of this need and is responding with the creation of award-winning films that incorporate high-quality production with value-centered and inspirational messaging.

In 2008 Chevonne O’Shaughnessy and Cindy Bond founded Mission Pictures International, a film sales and finance company designed to produce and distribute family oriented and faith-based content for theatrical, DVD and TV release. Since the company’s foundation in 2008, Mission Pictures International has found global success acquiring more than 12 films for theatrical and TV release. With popular films, including the multi-award winning 2010 film “Like Dandelion Dust” staring Mira Sorvino, Mission Pictures International has already claimed a highly-esteemed name in Hollywood. As the need for quality entertainment increases, it is no surprise that films from Mission Pictures International have found great success.

The growing company will release more films throughout 2011 including “The Shunning” (2011) and the award-winning “Marcelino” (2011), which was selected as the opening showcase film at Mirabile Dictu – International Catholic Film Festival, one of the industry’s most prestigious film festivals, and was awarded with “Best Director.” Marcelino follows the story of an orphan baby dropped off on the steps of a monastery. Years later, the young boy finds himself in the middle of a revolutionary attack on the monastery. Seeking refuge, the boy hides in the attic and soon finds himself offering a gift of bread and wine to a hungry-looking statue of Jesus, bringing the statue miraculously to life.

Mission Pictures International is unique in its market in that the company is committed to building itself as a trusted family values brand in both the secular and faith-based communities. It is Cindy and Chevonne’s 20 plus years of relationships with top mainstream film buyers and international faith-based film buyers, distributors and retailers which aid in their global success. In order to showcase Mission Pictures International films, Bond and O’Shaughnessy attend all major film markets both nationally and internationally in the secular and faith-based world proving time and time again that society is starving for and highly receptive to high-quality, inspirational films.

Bond and O’Shaughnessy also have established relationships with many of the most influential ministries in the world, working with nonprofit organizations including an international leukemia foundation in France and orphanages in Spain, Italy and the United States. This September, Mission Pictures International will sponsor a charity event in Mexico based on the film “Letters to God” (2010) which is about a young boy fighting cancer. He begins writing letters to God, touching lives in his neighborhood and community and inspiring hope among everyone in comes in contact with, including a troubled postman. At the event in Mexico, a school of elementary school children will release letters to God attached to balloons in hopes of sending their prayers to Heaven.

Though Cindy Bond and Chevonne O’Shaughnessy do reach out to the faith-based audience, the company’s primary focus is to bring value-centered entertainment to a mainstream audience. Past successful film releases include “To Save a Life” (2009), “The Way Home” (2010) and “The Mighty Macs” (2009). With expertise in the international film sector, Mission Pictures International also acts as marketing consultants for distributors and aids with marketing campaigns, supplies distributors with marketing materials and templates and customizes campaigns for the various needs in each country. There is an even greater need in the international sector for value-centered films and Mission Pictures International is and will continue to fill this void.

For more information about Mission Pictures International, please visit http://missionpicsintl.com/about. Headquartered in Los Angeles, MPI annually exhibits at many film and television markets including NATPE, Berlin, MIP-TV, Cannes, DISCOP, MIPCOM and AFM.

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