On the Edge of Greatness

Roomy, reliable, easy to drive. If you’re looking for these things in an SUV, then you’re going to want to consider owning a Ford Edge. My husband and I were looking for a vehicle that would have a lot of room with a second child on the way. We looked at a couple of other makes and models, but after test driving and getting the 411 on the Edge, we decided it was the best choice for us and the best deal for the money.

Besides the incredible amount of room in the back space and trunk areas, many Edge models have a touch screen where you can control everything from air conditioning to radio stations to phonebook information. The MyFord Touch option puts everything at your fingertips, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to mess around with dials. But, if touch screens scare you, don’t worry, there are still dials for volume and temperature controls. But, the screen is more practical because one touch and one glance you know the temperature, what station you’re listening to and what time it is. The only downside I’ve experienced is the proximity of the hazard signal button to the actual touch screen. That button is located directly below the screen. At times if you are touching that part of the screen to control something, you can easily hit the hazard button by accident, putting your lights on unnecessarily. Seeing that most people don’t use their hazard lights that often, I wish they had moved that button somewhere else on the control panel.

Many Edge models also come equipped with the SYNC Voice Recognition System. This system allows you to speak every command you would have touched. You can even tell the vehicle that you’re hungry and it will help you find a restaurant by food preference. It definitely has the feeling of “Kitt” in Knight Rider! The voice recognition system has also come in handy when it comes to navigation, if you choose that option. So far, the directions have been easy to follow and accurate.

If you consider all of the options the Edge has to offer, I think you’ll find the price reasonable when compared to similar vehicles on the market. I think Ford has done a wonderful job mixing modern technology with good old reliability, putting it on the edge of greatness when it comes to

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