One Nice Sunny Day

The city park has drawn many people on a nice sunny day. Beth and Mark are two of them, under a tree with a picnic basket on the ground between them. They enjoy the scenery as they drink wine eat sandwiches and fruits. Beth sees scout ants on the grass near the basket.

“Scout ants,” she tells Mark, pointing at them.

He gets a can of bug spray and makes a barrier around the basket, killing the scout ants and preventing an invasion.

People are engaged in enjoying the park through games, picnics or just on a stroll. Mark sees the two men holding hands in an affectionate manner, walking along the pathway, giggling between chitchat.

“I wonder how could they go that way,” he says, “it must be the sex.”

Beth looks at the two men. “It is probably more that the sex,” she says. She recalls asking her college roommate why was she with another woman as a couple. The roommate told her, “it’s more than the sex; it’s a belonging to each other.”

“I guess it is love,” Mark says.

“Maybe, it’s more than that,” Beth says.

He looks at her, confused with her answer, shrugs, and then pours wine into their glasses to change the conversation. END

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