One Small Step for Man- One Giant Leap for Mankind

Upon what honor do you live?

Upon what moral guidepost do you give?

If your life is but a simple weaving of moments for your own goals to achieve, what legacy do you leave?

If everyone gave their little piece to humanity without self serving first— we would in fact be making “Stone Soup”.

Aah! The amazing things rocks can make– they say you can’t get blood out of a rock, but you can feed the world with it.

Bring me your corn meal, your potatoes, your rice, Its not much to give… really— the soup kitchens so need it, and the vast people who are hungry– survive on it.

Give me your time, your $5.00, your unwrapped gift, may your action be swift.

Bring your coat for the homeless, your smile and gratitude for a hero.

Bring me your dimes and your baked goods; bring me your songs and your whittled woodwork, There is someone who I am sure could use it.

Help an animal, help the earth– they really are best part of life. The gentle creatures, the sweet harvest, they feed us –should we not feed them?

Call in a potential crime, report a broken down motorist, Lend a hand, a smile, a kind word or deed or anything you can give to someone in need.

Inspire a child, Inspire an adult; give a compliment– it cost nothing but a mouth movement and a little soul.

Believe in good, be wary of evil. But always look to improve the empty abyss of the soul-less of mankind.

Give what you can, not just at Holiday time, the world doesn’t stop the other 360 days a year.

As you think of standing at the edge of the dawn of man and you look into the abyss — what would you say you gave to make this world a better place?

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