One Word- Hollywood!

Have you ever seen Improv? It’s hilarious to watch the 2+ comedians/ actors problem-solve “instantly” (in a sense). It wouldn’t make sense to “shoot the other person down” when you don’t agree with what they say. Just imagine what would happen- you’d lose 50% of the viewers on average because for every “yay” there will no doubt be a “nay!”.

Now Meet Hollywood-
It is sometimes said that life is just made up of 2 things- a bunch of molecules and drama! Some people crave the latter while others run away from it. But truth is, life would get old fast without spice!

How can I describe myself regarding this topic? Pretty much all my life until recently I’ve been a by-the-books kind of guy. I usually focused or concentrated on “the facts.” I was your stereotypical literal-minded guy- guys are supposed to be awesome (especially at math and science:) and girls are supposed to be skilled at english and memorization…

Hollywood continued-
Watching movies, television shows, and listening to the radio kind of clued me in. Especially recent drama, like certain news channels covering strange stories (which I’ll leave anonymous to protect the innocent) and factual documentaries. Although it took years to realize, I discovered that I needed to find “a balance” between fact and fiction (maturity?)…

How it helps America-
I’ve heard through the years so many opinions and completely different claims on exactly the same subjects and topics. Celebrities are obsessed over for their opinions- as if they are automatic experts on any of the topics they discuss.
The facts are today’s challenges aren’t unique. We can solve them if we keep at them. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some US history…

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