Opinions on the Scope’s Trial

The Scopes trial brought up a huge controversy between the heavily religious, near-extremists; and the average ordinary, urbanized American of the day. This seemingly everlasting trial of John Scopes sparked up a battle between the urbanized, civilized working men of American and the religious southerners who despised anything and anyone who went against their beliefs; therefore they had set the law stating that neither man nor woman can teach Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, another belief simply because it contrasts with theirs. However Scopes truly was breaking the law and he was getting punished for breaking a law, no matter how ridiculous the law may seem.

The case just goes to show how reluctant the South and the smaller towns were to make drastic changes and revolutionize with technology like the rest of the country. Smaller towns tend to stick with tradition and especially when it comes to religious activity, and with someone from their small town preaching Darwin’s theory, all hell broke loose. The battle rages on between these two entirely different communities, over something as simple as reading a few words from a book and explaining what those few words might mean.

In the courtroom it was obviously biased, when most of the people would say amen in reply to something to prosecutor would say to them as his audience. I feel the Scopes trial should have shown people that things really did need to be changed, and it symbolized the battle between the two different types of society; the one who’s advancing in technology and working in town with lots of other people, opposed to the other side of the coin with the hard core religions, and people who just either can’t afford to live in the city or there are other problems amongst themselves. These two sides on the coin of society are still in effect today, perhaps not to the same extremes, however it could easily be represented in the same fashion as this.

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