Oscars Ads Priced at $1.6 Million

Times are tough but ad prices for the upcoming Academy Awards, I have learned, will cost $1.6 million for a 30 second spot. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed the price as well.
Right off the bat, I know what you are thinking. What would a 15 second or a 60 or 90 second spot cost? No, we aren’t thinking about that? Oh, you wanted to know if the price is worth it. I would say focus. On matters like this we deal with 30 seconds. Note the Super Bowl, please. To me, worth it indeed. Now, if you ask me, a little controversy doesn’t hurt if it is as meaningless as Eddie Murphy quitting.
Meaningless? Yes, Billy Crystal steps in. Ouch. One “SNL” star backs out and another one comes to the rescue. I wonder if there are words behind the scene on that one? the deeper issues was a producer quitting over a remark. But, truth be told, he was a producer. There’s more than one on shows like this.
Despite ratings woes, which we hear time and time again, the Oscars are still the most watched entertainment show yearly. Last year’s average was 37.9 million, according to Neilsen, and the year before that was 41.7 million. Put that up with the highest rated drama this fall in “NCIS” – – 20-22 million. So, it doubles that. Only when “American Idol” was firing on all cylinders for its finale was the Oscars threatened.
Yes, ratings have fallen, but still, not in the range of other award shows like the Grammys, Tonys and Emmys. I always find it odd that a show awarding TV and its stars rates so darn low, but that is another story. The Grammys has seen an uptick, but, in comparison, still not quite there.
Oscar is still king.
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