Osteoporosis Exercises to Alleviate Symptoms

Osteoporosis is typically an age-related health complication that adversely impacts the life of the person who suffers from it. If you are concerned about your risk associated with osteoporosis, there are exercises you can use to minimize the development of the bone health complication and, when afflicted with it, can minimize the symptoms.

Like any form of physical movement, it is important to seek out medical attention first before you consider any exercise program. Using dietary supplements, such as vitamin D and calcium, are vitally important to your overall osteoporosis prevention program. Exercise, therefore, is only to begin after your doctor has approved doing so.

Once you have obtained clearance form your physician, with regard to the use of exercise to combat osteoporosis, it may be prudent to meet with a physical fitness trainer to learn the best way to fight bone disease based on your stature, height, and weight. With one visit with a trainer, you can often minimize your risk for injury by engaging in osteoporosis exercises that are not suitable to your health needs.

Exercise for osteoporosis will first include light weight-bearing exercises such as walking and minimal weight lifting. To gain the best benefit, do exercises while standing up as these will also help with your balance and posture. Engaging in low-impact aerobics, using a stair-stepping machine, and using an elliptical trainer are all great ways to get the optimal benefit from osteoporosis prevention exercises.

Exercise is a vital part of the health and wellness of older adults and also works to stop injury and age-related bone disease. If you have osteoporosis, or if you are at-risk for the bone disorder, consider these osteoporosis exercises as part of your daily exercise routine. In doing so, you’ll have more optimal health outcomes and protect your body from the risks associated with osteoporosis disease.

Sources: Muscle Medicine, by Rob DeStefano

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