Out of the Frying Pan….Into The Fire

Hurricane Ivan was coming full force and my family begged me to pack up the kids and evacuate with them. I didn’t want to leave my home and didn’t have the funds for a long stay but agreed to head on out to Lake City with extended family. My oldest son drove one car, I drove the other, and we followed others east to get away from the water. My mother made reservations for everyone and, since the area hotels were filling fast, my family was separated from the rest. Our hotel was terrible! Run down and shabby wasn’t bad enough, then a “lady of the evening” came calling, having seen my sons but not the rest of the family. We decided to move hotels and stay with my sister but when we packed up the cars, we found that the lights had been left on and one car was dead. My other son tried jumping it off but put the cables on backwards and both cars caught on fire! After the fire trucks and wreckers left, I had no way to move hotels. The police wouldn’t even call a taxi for me…I had to borrow a phone and call. Two days later and over $1500 poorer, we came home to find the hurricane hadn’t hit my house at all and we had electricity and all the essentials. I’ve stayed put ever since, storms or no storms! If I ever have to evacuate, I will plan it much better than I did.

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