Pac-12 Standings Taking Shape; Stanford, Oregon Lead Way

The Pacific-12 Conference standings are finally starting to evolve. For Arizona, things couldn’t be any worse at this point, but for schools like UCLA, this appears to have been a welcome second chance to the season.

This is the first year the Pac-12 has been split into divisions, so all of the schools are trying to feel things out. After the first week of conference games, there are three undefeated teams in the North and two in the South. This does not count the two schools that haven’t played conference games yet (Washington State and Colorado).

Leading the Pac-12 North are Stanford, Oregon and Washington. Stanford had the nicest win last week, beating Arizona 37-10 on the road. Oregon then beat Arizona this week 56-31. The Huskies squeaked by California 31-23, marking an important step after getting crushed by Nebraska the week before.

In the South, Arizona State beat USC 43-22, pulling off probably the biggest surprise in the conference games so far. The Sun Devils made easy work of the Trojans, and in doing so proved why the school should be back in the AP Top 25. USC losing will likely cost the school any national ranking this week. UCLA was the other school from the south to win, beating Oregon State 27-19 on the road. It kept the Beavers winless.

Washington State and Colorado didn’t play conference games but will play each other on Saturday. While Washington State was off, Colorado lost at Ohio State. Both schools know how important it will be to win that first conference game, but especially the Cougars, who might become bowl eligible for the first time in a number of years.

It’s not a big surprise Oregon and Stanford are tied for the lead in the Pac-12 North, but not many would have predicted UCLA and Arizona State to be leading the South. Still, it is very early in the season.

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