Paros Island, Greece

Paros Island is part of the Cyclades island group in the central part of the Aegean Sea. Paros was once known for its fine white marble and even today the abandoned quarries can still be seen, today the island is known as a tourist destination. Paros has a long history and during the second Grecian War in 479 BC it sided with Xerxes I of Persia. Later the islanders were punished for their betrayal of Greece; the Athenian war leader Themistocles extracted a severe fine for this lapse in judgment.

The capital of Paros is Parikia on the north-west side of the island, the harbor in Parikia is one of the major hubs for the Aegean Sea, many ferries and catamarans can be seen daily taking islanders and tourists to the ports of Athens, Crete, and many other islands such as Mykonos, Los, and Naxos. In the capital of Paros you will find many archaeological delights such as the traditional Cycladic style that is kept throughout the town with the many whitewashed walls and blue painted front doors and windows along with the flat tiled roofs.

But of course that is not all that will be found in Parikia; the island boasts one of the oldest churches in the region called Panagia Ekatontapiliani, which when translated means “church of the hundred doors.” The church was said to have been founded by St. Helen on her journey to the Holy Land in 337 AD. Many remains can be found throughout the town a medieval castle can be found along the shore jutting out on a rock, there is also an ancient temple in ruins that was made from the islands own white marble.

But for those who would rather sit back and relax with the crystal blue waters lapping at their feet, you will have many choices as there are over 35 beaches on Paros. Many of the beaches on the island offer not only stunning views but sun beds or umbrellas that can be rented for the day, or you can participate in many of the activities offered such as snorkeling, diving, horseback riding, kite surfing, windsurfing, swimming, or just sunbathing on its many golden sand beaches.

Paros was made for tourists and offers many four star hotels to accommodate anyone’s whims. But if you are looking for an extended stay then there are many apartments or studios that can be rented for more than a week at a time or if you are really adventurous there are also many camping areas available throughout the island.

Transportation on the island is easy to find as there are car, motorbike, and even yachts for rent during your stay. There are also many tours and excursions available that not only show off the beautiful island of Paros, but its neighbors.

You will also not go hungry on your visit to Paros as there are a plethora of restaurants, taverns, bars, and snack shops available whether you want a sit down traditional Greek meal or just a quick snack on your way out you will be accommodated. For those who enjoy the nightlife the island offers many clubs where one can enjoy a drink and some friendly conversation or if you prefer you can dance the night away. The island of Paros offers an amazing variety of activities for anyone who visits its stunning shores and no matter where you go on the island the views are spectacular and the people are welcoming.

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