Perception of Hate

Such a strong cruel word that burns to the 3rd degree
Tho you use it with such confidence and ease
You start wars and instill your beliefs into the weak
Mind over matter you’re so quick to judge
whispering thoughts in our heads
but the real won’t budge
don’t glorify it or take it to your neighbor
Let’s ban it and make it obsolete
I see them in the dark and their trying to stop me
Never a congratulation or pat on the back
for a good job
go ahead
just kick me down with your nose in the air
like a snob
Pray with me this too shall past
and disappear into the night
pray our hearts will disengage the hurt
and bring love to the light
You hate me why, because I’m
beautiful, talented, loving, caring, daring,
full of life and intelligence
don’t plague me with your negativity or
all of your negligence
It’s your spirit , your girth,
your meaning is designed
to be demeaning
your purpose, your will, your desire
to keep up boundaries
I rebuke you
NO you’re not in control
your heart is cold,
and you’re the worst epidemic
to date
no wonder the world is cursed with this awful word

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