Pewi Y Bike Top Award Winning Active Toy

The award-winning Pewi Y Bike has been chosen as the top active toy and voted the best-of-the-best ( Designed for children between the ages of 12 up to 36 months the unique Pewi Y Bike is designed as a foot to floor ride-on toy for children during the process of developing balance and motor skill development.

The Pewi Y Bike and all other Y Bike products were designed with the concept of mastering the art of balance. For young toddlers the Pewi Y Bike features an aluminum frame and is available in blue, pink or red. Designed to hold a maximum weight of 44 pounds the unique balance bike offers young children freedom of movement and motivates them to test their balance and coordination.

Definitely the top toy for toddlers the Pewi Y Bike is an innovative walker rider that is designed for the child to sit on the toy as opposed to sitting in a traditional walker and helps to enhance the child’s awareness of space and body. The Pewi Y Bike features multi-direction caster wheels allowing the rider to move any direction and can be used indoors or out provided the surface is smooth.

The Pewi Y Bike is the perfect toy to introduce freedom of movement and to encourage children to test their limits with space and balance while exploring their world safely. Ideal for a first time active toy for most any occasion the Pewi Y Bike is available at Fat Brain Toys for just under $70. The great thing about this line of active toys is that they are very well made and durable and once the child grows older he or she can easily progress to the next stage of Y Bikes. The official web site for Y Bikes list a host of retailers and locations throughout the United States that carry the innovative balance activity toys.

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