Philippine Free-verse Poem: Oh Communication, Where Art Thou?

Oh communication, where art thou?

Let me embrace you and follow you wherever you go.

Don’t you know that communication is vital to all of us?

Hmmmm — feel free to internalize and go down within the line cores!

Despite your nonchalance, why hast thou forsaken us?

Allow me to expound on the significance of open communication to everyone.

Open communication is said to be fathomed, unparalleled, and incomprehensible closed-doors gaps that sometimes implicate many dimensions, from something that is facile or so simple and something that is more complicated.

It is “something” that is potentially complex to comprehend the pros and cons of a subtle and particular human being’s intervention.

To enlighten anew about the open communication and open alternative views, communication itself mainly connects to the human mind.

It carries a heavy burden with consciousness and sub-consciousness.

The open mind is also susceptible to “lack of conviction.”

Too many conflicting notions can enter an open mind and cause indecision and unfair treatment.

With regard also to any standpoint, it is indispensable now and then to conceal the mind from reality and connect it to the real world where individuals do utterly communicate, disallow any more input, make a decision and act.

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