Planning Your Own Wedding the Second Time Around

Taking charge of your own special day for the second time can bring new challenges. There are usually children involved and making it special and memorable for all involved is important and achievable. I speak from experience and I had so much fun trying to add little touches that included the kids. One thing is we both wrote our own vows and vows included our children by name. This is something I would have liked if I were in that position. I did try to put myself in their shoes, which helped plan the day.

Planning and paying for the wedding ourselves I became creative and resourceful quick. I did have a family theme ceremony. I knew I wanted it to be casual, so no wedding gowns or tuxedos. First step, just like before decide on time of year, location, attire and how much money you are willing to spend. Anything after that, in my opinion was not priority. I did cut corners. We were married at our local ball diamond before our hometown major league baseball game. There was no cost for us to use the facility.We were married on homeplate just before game began so the wow factor for the kids was a ten out of ten! Being honest, for my husband too! We were given a private room for the reception at no extra cost either. We did order their catered food though. That was the least we could do. Attire was simple and cost effective. All the kids, all girls wore khaki shorts and red white or blue shirts. I wore white shirt and white long skirt. My husband matched the kids. Next for the cake I did not order a traditional “wedding cake”. I ordered a huge ball themed sheet cake. Saved a ton there. Flowers were bought in season day of, off the floor at our local nursery. I made my own c.d. for a couple songs to be played while I was getting ready to make my entrance. I chose the song I wanted to walk out on and I still have it in a memory box. Music was played over their sound system so it was like having professionals. Again cut cost there.

Some advice is to personalize your day to your likes, husbands and children involved. I can not tell you how surprised and happy my future husband was when I told him we were making it a fun day having our ceremony at the ball diamond. We met when I signed my daughter up for softball, he was the coach and it seemed to fit us as a couple and family. Obviously I was happy for the location too. I did keep a few things traditional. Not seeing each other before ceremony etc.. The day can be very out of the box, if you want. Don’t be afraid to make phone calls. If there is a special place he likes or that means something to the two of you incorporate it. Invitations can become another big expense. I made my own. I had a picture of the same ball field from the year before, I took it to local printer had it blown up made into card style invitation and created the wording for our big day. I played off the theme and the photo saying something cute like it is official…we are becoming a team..etc… you get the idea. Have fun and set aside money for a honeymoon. When you have a ready made family you will need the honeymoon period to yourselves. The real work begins when you return and settle in. Good Luck, be creative, have fun and include suggestions from the kids and your future husband. This is not just your big day. I never felt that way. It will be a lot easier and not as stressful if you remember the ceremony is a reflection of love and family. When you plan with that in mind, it is pretty impossible to mess anything up. Happy Wedding!!

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