Repetitions Can Cause Boredom and a Sluggish Mind

It’s a crisp afternoon as I walk the path I’ve used for years,
after all this time, I should be able to hike it blind-folded.
Repeated slow strolls identical, mundane, boring,
there’s nothing fresh and alive to keep my interest.

It’s like life; yes, like life when darkness overtakes the mind,
doing and seeing the same things…nothing changes, no nothing,
repetition swallows ideas, incentives, a need, a fulfillment…
existing make it through another hour, day, and month of sameness.

Redundancy does nothing for a sluggish mind…
eager for a challenge, newness, an outlook, a change;
it creates couch potatoes lying around like rag dolls.
A dunce fighting for freedom from the corner destroying ideas…
released from the grip of a tireless, mundane, and disliked job.

Empty souls require freshness, trials, tests, alteration, and privileges…
to use, to exercise, to challenge, to test, a mind drained of fulfillment in life.
People require individuality, diversity, difference and a boost
to enjoy an existence to feel free with expectations for a tomorrow.

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