Revelations of the Business and Politics of My Former Employer: Part 1

I wish I could sit here and tell you that losing my job has caused my life to better, but that would be a false statement. I was proud of the company that employed me, spoke their name with reverence, and was envied by the staff of our competitors. However, that changed unsuspectingly.

Beginning my first official day of being a year older, I lost my position for a retailer that I had worked for almost 12 years, primarily due to my superiors’ prejudice and retaliation, and the continuing financial constraints of the firm. Fallout from their decision resulted in me not being reimbursed for the 100 plus vacation/personal hours that I had accumulated, being forced to pay $25.00 in restitution to avoid criminal prosecution for product they claimed that I had “slid across the counter” without allowing me to view any of the evidence, the disqualification of a bonus that I had rightfully earned during our recently completed fiscal term, and the denial of receiving any unemployment benefits. I was currently struggling with making ends meet while working full time, but because my employer decided “it was in their best interest to terminate my employment with them,” the result was one of the hardest struggles in my entire life. I was left with absolutely nothing to show for my length of service with them, not even allowing me to keep the name badge that I had purchased with my own money; I wore honorably with my uniform; had a high sentimental value; and contained every accumulated chip, nick, and scratch.

Even though ideas were requested, anyone who attempted to suggest an improvement to the company was quickly repressed and punished either with a citation, contact from human resources, and in some cases, demotion and transfer to another location. Those who possessed “unique” characteristics were highly valued and given special attention in the form of notoriety, gifts, awards, and incentive payouts. The outstanding goal that this particular manager in my situation had accomplished was primarily due to the overworking, demoralizing, ignoring, and uncaring of his subordinates. Those in his “group” were given special treatment in the form of pay increases, promotions, and extra appreciation. In the event of any misconduct on their part was quickly dismissed and quietly swept under the rug. Any follow up attention to it by another associate was brushed to the side with false promises of investigation.

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