Review of ELF Mineral Lipstick in Rosy Raisin

I often have a hard time picking lipsticks that are flattering on me, but since ELF’s lipsticks are so inexpensive, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try this one out. As the rest of the ELF mineral lipsticks, this one comes in a nice black plastic rectangular packaging, though I’ve found it to be rather cheap feeling because it isn’t great quality plastic. But it serves its purpose decently.

Rosy Raisin is a rosy nude color that is quite sheer, which makes it a more subtle effect. However, the color can be layered on to increase the intensity. I think it’s a really great everyday color because it isn’t very bright, and the tones of the lipstick are not loud at all. They make a great everyday nude color, and it is a great basic color to have in your collection.

The lipstick applies well and smoothly but isn’t particularly moisturizing, nor is it drying. It is simply a normal lipstick in terms of texture. But the wear time for this lipstick really isn’t great at all. It fades really quickly, and for someone who doesn’t like to reapply lip products all the time, this can be a real hassle. I really think it’s a pain to have to reapply every two to three hours.

I really love the color of this lipstick because it is something I can wear every day without feeling like I am standing out too much. It adds a pretty bit of color to my lips. But it can be a little unforgiving on dry lips, and it doesn’t really moisturize. The greatest problem I have is with pigmentation and staying power. Overall, I think that because this color isn’t particularly special (though it is pretty), I would probably pass on this lipstick and pick up another one.

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