Review of Grande Kaffee, Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Marshall’s and TJMaxx always seem to line their shelves with some of the best, never seen in any other store products, and my favorite time of year to hit these stores up is during the fall and winter months to not just check out their nifty decorations, but to see what flavors of coffee they managed to offer for the season.

Pumpkin coffee has always been a favorite of mine, but ever since trying Starbucks disgusting version of pumpkin coffee, I avoided it.

When I came across a bag of Grande Kaffe, Pumpkin Spice Coffee though, the scent that the small tear holes gave off were more than inviting, the scent was capable of capturing a mood and memory, one that reminded me of warm sweaters, and my favorite holiday; Halloween!

Grande Kaffe, Pumpkin Spice Coffee gave off a glorious warm and creamy pumpkin pie fragrance, with a spiced hint of cinnamon. I hoped that when I got home to brew up a cup, that it tasted as delicious as it smelled.

Final Verdict:

Pumpkin Spice Coffee, by Grande Kaffe is simply delicious, a small amount of cream and sugar and what you have is a fall harvest treat. It gives off a very subtle pumpkin pie flavor, with just the right after-bite of cinnamon.

What I like about this one is that it is not overwhelming, the flavors are subtle enough as to where they do not destroy the official flavoring of coffee, yet strong enough for you to not just smell, but enjoy the flavor of pumpkin and cinnamon.


If you already know you like the flavor of pumpkin coffee, or just pumpkin in general, you will definitely enjoy this coffee. It’s a delicious fall treat that relaxes the mind, instead of waking it up like my normal morning brew.

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