Review of “Project Queen I” by Teresa D. Patterson

What can I say this was a very entertaining from the moment I open this book. I was so into this book. The main character of this book LaShae Byrts was not going to become a typical chick from the hood. She was determined to find her way out of the projects, by any means necessary. She had a very rough up bringing, but she was a tough diva in her words The Project Queen and wasn’t going to allow anyone to take advantage of her.

Her motto is just because she’s from the projects she’s not going to act like she was from there. She’s 1 of 5 children that her parents have. Shae was better than most of the girls from the projects she was 18 year old and a virgin with no children and all the guys in the neighborhood was trying their best to get with her even the old men.

She had a body out of this world and looks to go along with it, but only drawback she was high school dropout, with nothing, but making money on her mind and trying to survive in her world that only the best of the best and strongest come out alive. Shae had a bestfriend name Larry they had been friends since the second grade, he would do anything for her and she knew it, he didn’t live in the projects he lived across the street, but knew everyone in the hood.

This is full of neighborhood drama, lies, betrayal, lust. To find out happens to Shae you must grab your own copy today. I highly recommend this book!!!

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