Review of Wet N Wild Coloricon Palette in Greed

Wet n Wild has gotten a lot of attention for its eyeshadow palettes because of their improved formula. They are now one of the best brands for eyeshadow in the drugstore. I decided to try out one of these palettes because I hadn’t yet picked them up, and wanted to try them. I do love that these palettes have both a matte side and a shimmery side.

On the matte side, there three colors, a vanilla that is a dupe of Wet n Wild’s single Brulee eyeshadow, and a matte peachy pink, and a matte black. The vanilla is a great highlight, as it is more of an off-white cream than a stark cream highlight. It also shows up really nicely on the brow bone because it has excellent pigmentation. The pink is good because it doesn’t make your eyes look irritated, and it is very smooth and pigmented. The black is one of the better matte blacks I’ve ever seen, though it is definitely not the best. It is, however, very suitable for my use.

The shimmery side of this palette was a lot more disappointing. Not only were they harder to apply, but they were not very pigmented at all. There is a light periwinkle blue and light baby pink with golden shimmer, and you can really only see the shimmer on the eyelid, as it overwhelms the color. It is really hard to get these two colors actually on your brush, and even harder to you to transfer to the eyelid, which was really disappointing. The sparkly black shadow was a little better. It looks like a matte black with silver sparkles, though it is a bit powder.

The palette itself comes in a plastic palette with a black base and a clear top. It is functional and simple looking. The plastic will probably be cracked easily under heavy pressure, but it should probably protect your eyeshadows if you drop them. There are two little applicators included inside, though I find them rather useless because they are not very soft and don’t really cover a lot of surface area.

Overall, I was rather disappointed with this palette. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, and I’m disappointed that the really pretty colors really don’t swatch very well. Don’t waste your money on this product. I would not recommend it unless there’s a specific matte color you really want.

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